2011 – Shaping our future

Over the last 15 months we have charted 150 years of Scotland’s Registrar General’s responsibility for the country’s census. Just by dipping into each decade you can see how the nation has changed significantly in areas such as industry, technology, immigration and culture. Scotland’s Census is unique in its capacity to chart our history, inform key decisions about the level of services required, and show how our country grows and develops.

It is fascinating being able to track the developments in our country and view the trends of the last 150 years, including aspects such as the shift from a population with a high number of young children to one consisting of a large number of older people.

While it is a unique historical record it’s also important to remember that the census is a living statistical mechanism that changes with society. The 2011 Census for example, will offer most householders the option to complete their census questionnaire online for the first time, in English or Gaelic.

One common aspect of every modern census has been the emphasis placed on the security of personal details. All such information collected through the census is safeguarded by law and kept confidential for 100 years. Only in 2111 will the individual 2011 census records be available to future generations as a rich source of information about 21st century Scotland.

Help shape Scotland’s future by taking part on the 27 March 2011!

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