1991 – Ethnicity Question

There was one big change in the question set for 1991 – the inclusion of an ethnic group question in a British census for the first time. This followed careful testing to find a broadly-acceptable wording and a final trial in 1989 in Berwickshire, East Lothian and Edinburgh. It proved to be one of the major successes in the 1991 Census and its inclusion provided information of great value throughout the subsequent decade.

The results showed that 1.3 per cent of the population of Scotland in 1991 identified themselves as non-white, with the largest number of people – after the White ethnic group – being the Pakistani group.

By the 2001 Census, around two per cent of Scotland’s population were from a minority (non-White) ethnic group.

GROS has published 2001 Census Data for Ethnicity and Religion on the Scotland’s Census Results on line (SCROL) website.

A question on Ethnicity has also been included in the 2011 Census questionnaire.

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